Digital vision tests covering 80% of chronic eye diseases.

Eye doctors connect with their patients and offer ancillary vision testing and care management anywhere, anytime.

Macular Degeneration and
Diabetic Retinopathy

Monitor your central vision with Macustat and Accustat

Macustat|Accustat is a three-minute test which checks for subtle defects in your retinal function and monitors for changes. Similar to tests eye doctors routinely use in their offices, Macustat is a high-precision, clinical grade FDA-registered technology which is delivered via the RemoniHealth platform and accessed remotely through your computer or mobile device.

The retina is the engine of your vision. It is a very delicate neural tissue which contains our photoreceptors. Our retina processes visual information and when the central part functions normally, it gives us 20/20 vision. But 20/20 vision is not always healthy vision.

Hidden irregular spots of retinal dysfunction can go unnoticed, especially early on. There are a number of retinal conditions such as dry or wet Macular Degeneration (AMD) or diabetic retinopathy which can “hide” in those spots.


Monitor your peripheral vision with Peristat

Are there hidden blind spots in your vision? Is your optic nerve function healthy? Peristat is a five-minute test that can help with early detection and progression monitoring. Similar to a test eye doctors routinely use in their offices called perimetry, Peristat is an FDA-registered, online home test of your peripheral visual function.

The Importance of peripheral sight: 20/20 vision does not always mean healthy eyes. In fact, many people with glaucoma, stroke or other vision-threatening conditions can have significant visual impairment despite 20/20 reading vision. Hidden blind spots go unnoticed in the corner of our sight for quite some time unless monitored regularly.

Diseases which can cause defects in the periphery of your vision are glaucoma, retinal detachment, optic neuropathy, optic neuritis, some types of stroke and brain tumors.

Dry eye, thyroid eye diseases, strabismus and other conditions

monitor with Photostat

For patients with a pink eye, dry eye, droopy eye or a squint eye – Photostat can monitor for changes in eye motility and ocular surface parameters. Using AI technology and the power of your smartphone or computer camera, Photostat is like a virtual eye technician for your doctor. Patients with thyroid eye disease, conjunctivitis, strabismus and some neurologic conditions can be monitored at home with Photostat.

Who needs these tests?

Your doctor will decide if a monitoring test is appropriate for you based on clinical need. Certain chronic eye diseases may benefit from regular remote monitoring as a part of the clinical and treatment plan.

In collaboration with your doctor, RemoniHealth enables anyone with access to an Internet-enabled computer or mobile device to benefit from our vision monitoring service at home, any time, any place.

I am worried about my vision – how do I start?

Please contact your eye doctor to confirm they participate with the program. Your doctor will determine if you need to be invited to the service.

Important Disclaimer

Please read our important disclaimers below:
  • Online vision testing is NOT a substitute for a routine eye doctor visit or exam
  • Online vision testing is NOT intended nor indicated for the diagnosis, screening or prevention of any disease
  • Online vision testing is to be used with the guidance and review of your doctor. They should not be used exclusively nor should they be relied upon for primary screening and diagnosis – in accordance with existing FDA Guidance